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Digital Product Pass - Corduroy Shaket

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Apparel - Jacket





Product Material

Care Instructions

100% Cotton

Maschinewash 30C.

Product Colors



BSCI, OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Year of Production


Original Price

129.00 EUR


Paper Box




Raw Main Fabric Grown in


Finished in


Istanbul, Turkey


PANGU Warehouse, Munich, Germany

PANGU Warehouse, Munich, Germany

Care Label: 100% Polyester (recycled)

That's my past.

Dig deeper and explore, how I was made.

Where I grew up

I'm made of 100% Cotton. And my raw materials grew up in Ukraine.

The manufacturing process

After getting weaved, if been transported rolled up to Istanbul, Turkey. There, if been weaved together to one fabric, getting washed, tested and coloured. Afterwards, I got sewed and packed ready for shipment.

Transported to Germany

When I'm finished, I got shipped to Germany by truck.

Checked, stored and sold.

I stayed for a while in the warehouse of PANGU in Munich, Germany. There I got checked and if people wanted it, even embroidered onDemand with there on machines.

If you can't resell and give me to someone else as a present, you can recycle me like this: 

Please resell me, before you think of recycling or throwing me away.

If you want to resell me, you can easily do that by:

Giving me back to my producers PANGU. 

This product is worth a voucher at PANGU up to 


Or reselling me using the information on the first tab "product details" on plattforms like vinted, ebay kleinanzeigen etc.

BSCI Certificate

The product is made at our manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Our manufacturer is BSCI certified by the TÜV Austria. 

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certificate

This product is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

This indicates, that no harmfull colours have been used for the production.

Certificate number: 

PETA Vegan

This product uses no non-textil products. It's made of 100% cotton and is completely vegan.

How you extend my product life circle.

Wash me less

If you use lower temperature, you can save even more energy.

repair me, if something happens to me

I've spare parts fixed to the product, like new buttons.

REsell me

I'm a very durable fabric. Please resell me instead of throwing me away, so other people can still use me.


by the definition of the UN for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

1 Mangrove was planted

with our partners at Eden Reforestation in Madagaskar.

1€ spend to Plastic reduction

with our Partners of Ozeanfreunde, who collect Plastic from the German Northern Sea.

Fair Loan

The product was manufactured fairly.

People Usually Ask

1. How can I sen back my product to PANGU to gain my voucher (Trade-in) programm?

The programm is currently set up and will be available soon at In the meanwhile, just contact us with your request via E-Mail:

2. What is it depended from, what a get as a voucher of the trade-in programm?

It depends on the condition of the product: How often has it been washed, does it has any wholes etc.

3. I have further questions. How can I get in contact with PANGU?

4. Does your company compensate its carbon emissions.

Yes, all entrepreneurial activities are compensated. Find out more here.

5. Is your packaging eco-friendly?

We only use paper boxes as packaging. They're sourced in Czech Republic. The trees are also grown in there. They use environmental friendly colours. Find out more about our packaging here.

6. Where are your products manufactured?

Our manufacturing factories are based in Germany, Portugal and Turkey. Find out more here.

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